Toaster for Winamp 0.7.8

See track titles and album covers on your desktop


  • Eye-catching animations
  • Lots of customizing options


  • Presets don't always load correctly


Toaster is designed especially for the visual pleasure of Winamp users, displaying a highly customizable notification on the desktop every time a new song starts in the audio player. It's not just a decorative message: in fact, you can choose exactly which data should be displayed among a wide range of options such as artist name, track title, length and, of course, the album cover if available.

These are not the only customization options included in Toaster. You can choose between several configuration presets, although not all of them are as visually pleasant as the original one and sometimes they don't load correctly. Anyway, you can also customize it manually by choosing fonts, colors, skins, animation effects and many more details.

A skinned song / track change notifier addon for Winamp and Foobar2000. Displays an on screen notification with album / CD cover art display from either an image file such as folder.jpg or from ID3 tags in MP3s. It also has support for changing Now Playing titles in MSN Messenger.

The notifications can beskinned to the classic Winamp skin or a custom image. They animate in and out using various animations such as slide and fade. You can format the display to show anything you like using Advanced Title Formatting.

This media plugin was created to fill the need for a similar OSD notification as used in Winamp 5 with the modern GUI. Under Winamp it also supports global hot keys for rating songs. Be sure to check back for updates every once in a while, and read the documentation to get the most out of your Toaster.



Toaster for Winamp 0.7.8

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